Trevena was founded in 1956 by Bruce and Elizabeth Trevena. Trevena has primarily worked on commercial projects during the past 50 plus years. More recently Trevena has recognised a great opportunity to ultilise their knowledge in providing sustainable heating and cooling solutions for residential projects.

Working with Architects

Trevena works closely with Architects and their clients to achieve heating and cooling solutions which meet their sustainability, style and lifestyle philosophy. We appreciate great design and understand how important form and structure is to people’s lifestyles. We believe your heating and cooling solutions can both blend with your style beliefs or can be subtly hidden in the walls and floors. Either way we look forward to the challenge of providing the most suitable solutions to your needs.

Working with Builders

Bring European style, superb design and finish into your home with hydronic radiators and convectors. No flames, no fumes. Hydronic heating provides warmth in the same way nature does. Similar to the rays of the sun, radiant heat warms objects rather than air, by natural convection and radiation. It does not dry out the air, or cause unpleasant draughts and hot spots, giving uniform temperatures throughout your home.

Our Commitment to safer working environments

Our Company Mission Statement applies to our daily tasks and is clearly explained to new employees during the induction process, along with the company’s standards, values and OH&S regulations.

Trevena insist upon the provision of insurance certification, OH&S policy and registration of all sub contractors it employs on its projects.

Our OH&S manuals are produced with site specific information which includes induction processes enabling client satisfaction and improved productivity within a safe working environment.

Our focus on training is to continually improve our resources and work practices across all aspects of our business both on site and off.

The Trevena Team

Trevena employ a team of professional, technical and dedicated staff, which enables us to complete various types of commercial & industrial mechanical services installations.

Our workforce consists of project managers, estimators, mechanical plumbers, electricians, design draftsmen, administration and workshop staff.

Company policy encourages employee development and advancement, while also maintaining regular apprenticeship opportunities to ensure the longevity of the business. We take pride in the fact that 25% of our workforce have been with the company for over ten years.


Our estimating personnel have developed efficient processes which enables quick and reliable tendering submissions. In addition to tendering in accordance with consultant drawings & specifications we can also provide design & construct proposals to suit the individual client needs and budget.

Project Management & Design Team

Our experienced project management & design team are made up of a combination of trade experienced personnel, engineering technicians and design draftsmen. Each member works closely with the site installation team to ensure that the mechanical equipment, ductwork and pipe services are coordinated with other trade services, thereby minimizing unforeseen problems or clashes.

Site Installation Team

On each project the site installation team is led by one of our experienced site supervisors (foremen). All supervisors are encouraged to liaise directly with the builder to ensure that construction programs are met.

A selection of our valued clients…