Clean, healthy, stylish, safe, comfortable, silent, energy efficient, low maintenance and reliable are all words which perfectly describe hydronic heated towel rails And perhaps the most important aspect of hydronic is it provides a wonderful solution for a cleaner greener environment.

Luxury and Warmth

Create a safe, comfortable, healthier bathroom environment with stylish heated towel rails and enjoy the luxury of warm dry towels. Complement the surroundings with your heated towel rail or choose to make a bold statement with one.

Keep bodies and towels warm and dry while extending the lifespan of your home’s interior by reducing bathroom dampness. Your hydronic towel rails can be linked into the same system which heats your home through your slab heating and hydronic radiators.

All towel rails are available with an electric element option.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Set the TRV’s to the level you want for the room; a lower setting uses less energy and so will save you money.


High gloss white and chrome.

Measurements – straight

Available in various heights and widths.

Measurements – curved

Available in various heights and widths.

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