The hydronic heating benefits include providing your family with clean,healthy, stylish, safe, comfortable, silent, energy efficient, low maintenance heating. And perhaps the most important aspect of hydronic is it provides a wonderful solution for a cleaner greener environment.

Clean and Healthy

Dust and allergens are a major drawback with ducted heating systems with up to 40% of the population suffering from some type of allergy or asthma in Australia and New Zealand. Asthma and allergy sufferers are likely to benefit from a heating system that does not blow dust into the air. Steel panel radiators and convectors have long been the preferred choice of consultants and engineers for heating in the health industry. Panel radiators and natural convectors have a fast heat up/cool down cycle and are acknowledged by medical authorities for their ability to provide controllable heat without transference of airborne bacteria.

Stylish, safe and comfortable

Bring European style, superb design and finish into your home with hydronic radiators and convectors. No flames, no fumes. Hydronic heating provides warmth in the same way nature does. Similar to the rays of the sun, radiant heat warms objects rather than air, by natural convection and radiation. It does not dry out the air, or cause unpleasant draughts and hot spots, giving uniform temperatures throughout your home.

Low maintenance and reliable

Hydronic heating is effortless and reliable. Simply set the wall timer and temperature thermostat, relax and enjoy the comfort and efficiency. Maintenance is seldom required as most of the working parts of your hydronic system are within the boiler.

High quality manufacturing with long term warranties ensure your system will be around for generations to come.

Silent and energy efficient

One characteristic of hydronic heating which is a clear advantage over many others is the fact it is silent, not relying on noisy electric fans cycling on and off.

Radiant and naturally convected heat warms your home in peace and quiet. Hydronic heating allows you more flexible and economical bespoke roomby-room control of heating and comfort, (this can also be very important in those homes with sensitive and hi-tech electronics, antiques and artifacts).

Significantly less operating time is required to maintain the desired warmth compared to other methods of heating, keeping operational cost to a minimum.

A high efficiency condensing hydronic boiler, installed within your home will quickly achieve the desired temperature and with the boilers intelligent controls enhanced with weather compensating sensor (optional) communicating directly with the fully modulating burner efficiencies can achieve 96.6% reducing gas consumption and running cost.

A cleaner, greener environment

Europeans with their very harsh winters have known for decades that hydronic heating is the most efficient form of central heating. This is why they now lead the world in terms of design and manufacture of eco friendly, energy saving boilers and systems. Hunt Heating is proud to offer these products as part of our extensive range.